How to Install a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning System

Trying to figure out what the process of a ductless mini-split system’s installation entails? Well, you have come to the right place! Today, we’ll look at what to expect from a ductless A/C install, from picking a contractor, to choosing a unit appropriately sized for your Cape Cod home, to seeing it installed correctly, to code without problems—and what you ought to do if you’d like to avoid those problems altogether. Continue reading this blog post from Hall Oil Gas and Electric to learn more about the installation process for a ductless mini-split air conditioning system on the Cape.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation Process for Cape Cod Homes:

The process of installing a ductless mini-split can vary significantly with model differences, the difference between single-zone units and multi-zone units, but in general, you should expect installation to involve these steps in more or less the below order. As always, it is never advisable to try to do this on your own. Please consult with an air conditioning services company, like Hall Oil, for an expert installation:

  • Choosing the Right Cape Cod A/C Services Company

As mentioned, the first step for any HVAC project is to find a trustworthy, reliable, and reputable air conditioning services company to perform the work for you. Installing a ductless mini-split is not a DIY project, so you will need the assistance of a licensed and insured expert.

  • Unit Selection

Choosing a unit of the right size to cool and heat an area can be tricky. Too small, and your system doesn’t do the job. Too big, and it’ll be at risk of burning itself out with short cycles. There are BTUs necessary for your square footage, insulation, etc. Your air conditioning contractor will be able to tell you the proper sized unit that you need for the space in your home.

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  • Power Setup

Your ductless mini-split system is going to need electricity, which means you need some amount of electrical equipment and wiring. As we mentioned before, please contact an A/C expert to help with this. Running a new circuit to your unit from your electrical panel isn’t something a DIYer should be trying to do themselves. Your air conditioning company can safely set your new ductless mini-split installation’s electrical work.

  • Mounting Setup

The mounts for interior units should be on walls out of the sun, preferably free of obstructions both on the surface and within the wall. The equipment will need to be secured properly to studs, with the mounting bracket nice and level.

  • Line Setup

A big hole will need to be put through your wall from the inside to the outside for the refrigerant lines to pass through, which will instantly get tricky if you’re looking at something more complex than a straight line to do this right.

  • Running Lines

Once you have a hole, refrigerant lines and drain lines for condensation need to go through that hole correctly, then set up the padding and insulation inside and out for the line. You do not want to waste all that lovely energy efficiency a ductless mini-split offers by doing this incorrectly. Luckily, when you use a licensed and insured A/C partner, like Hall Oil, you don’t need to worry about having a ductless mini-split installed the wrong way.

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  • Install Interior Unit(s)

At this point, your interior unit can be installed and mounted to the mounting brackets from earlier. This is relatively simple compared to the rest.

  • Install Exterior Unit

Your exterior condenser unit needs a stable level surface to rest on, which might mean a concrete slab, a plastic condenser pad, or wall-mounted brackets suitable to the task. Your air conditioning contractor will make sure it has proper clearance, protection from debris, and is reachable by your refrigerant lines.

  • Connect Lines

At this point, you’re A/C contractor can finally lock the lines to the condenser and evaporator units inside and out, using whatever mechanism the unit in question uses for the task.

  • Conceal, insulate, test

Once everything is connected correctly, you’re A/C company will want to inspect visually, set up concealment and insulation of your lines inside and out, and conduct a few tests to make sure everything is right before they finish up.

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Should You DIY a Ductless Mini Split Installation?

The short and definitive answer is no, absolutely not. You should never try to DIY a ductless mini-split installation, or any other HVAC installation. If the above steps sounded like large portions of it require specialized skills and training, you would be correct! Much of those things are easy to mess up for the novice, and we highly recommend that you only seek out the help of reputable, licensed, and insured air conditioning experts. That’s because large parts of installing a ductless mini-split can go wrong and leave you with a major headache. Trouble with HVAC installation of any kind can result in lost efficiency, water damage from poorly routed condensate, accelerated wear-and-tear, or fires caused by poorly done electrical wiring.

So, please, do not try to DIY for this sort of installation. It’s not worth the risk. Professionals can do everything we discussed correctly, account for the fine details, and won’t trip over more complicated setups like multi-zone systems with interior units in harder-to-access rooms.

Getting Assistance with Your Ductless Mini-Split A/C Installation on Cape Cod

Need a local heating and cooling company on Cape Cod to help with installing a ductless mini-split air conditioning system? You can reach out to the experts at Hall Oil Gas and Electric for polite, professional, reliable work. We perform ductless mini-split installations, ductless AC replacements, mini-split maintenance, ductless A/C tune-ups, and ductless repairs. Call us today at 508-398-3831, visit us at our office in South Dennis, or contact us online to learn more.