Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

Why worry about placing heating oil orders when you can leave your fuel delivery to the experts? Hall Oil Gas and Electric is pleased to offer automatic delivery to homes and business in our Cape Cod service area. Instead of letting ordering oil take up valuable space on your to-do list, automatic delivery ensures that you have more free time and always have fuel in your tank!


Worry-Free Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

Total Customer Convenience

How It Works

Hall Oil will track your usage and daily weather conditions to anticipate when you’re due for your next delivery. We will schedule a refill when your tank reaches about ¼ full to avoid any risk of a run out. Our delivery team will arrive and fill your oil tank, with no need for you to be home! We will also consider important factors, like personal heating preference and household size, to accurately estimate your delivery needs.

The Benefits of Auto Delivery

  • Prevent run outs, avoid emergency delivery fees
  • No need to remember to place orders
  • Save time – no waiting on hold!
  • Protect your comfort and property
  • Enjoy total convenience!


Want to learn more about automatic oil delivery with Hall Oil? Call (508) 398-3831 or submit an inquiry online.