Easy Payment Plans

Heating oil customers that sign up for automatic delivery with Hall Oil Gas and Electric can enroll in a payment plan to make managing heating costs easier than ever. We offer several payment plan options to help meet the needs of a variety of customers. Whether you’re looking to make one predictable monthly payment, purchase your heating oil in advance, or set a cap on the price per gallon you pay, there’s a plan with Hall Oil for you!


Your Fuel Payments, Your Way

10-Month Budget Plan Capped* Price

You pay the same monthly payment for your car, cell phone, and cable. Why not your heating fuel? Budget plan customers make the same low payment every month. To calculate this payment, we estimate the gallons you need for the heating season based on previous history. Then, this amount is multiplied by projected market rates and divided into 10 equal installments. The capped budget plan protects you if the market rate rises above your capped price. If it goes below your capped price, you pay less.

Pre-Buy Capped* Price

This is a true set-it-and-forget-it plan. Choose the number of gallons you want for the season and pay for it upfront. The capped price means that if market prices go up, yours won’t. If market prices go down, yours will. One single payment due at the time of contract.

Pre-Buy Fixed Price

Lock in a predetermined, fixed rate per gallon before the heating season starts. This way, you are protected from changing market prices. One single payment due at time of contract.

10-Month Standard Budget Plan

Spread your fuel costs into 10 predictable monthly payments. Your budget plan payment is calculated by the anticipated market price per gallon and gallons needed for the heating season. This plan does not have price protection, which means your daily price will fluctuate with the market rate on the day of your delivery.

Customers must be enrolled in automatic delivery with Hall Oil to sign up for a payment plan.


Which payment plan is best for you? Contact Hall Oil to enroll in a payment plan or to learn more!

*Capped Plans
A “capped” price is achieved by purchasing price insurance. If our retail price drops below your contact price, you will be charged the lower of the two prices. The premium for this insurance is approximately 32 cents per gallon, and is paid in full at the beginning of the contract.