Water Heater Maintenance

Your water heater is the super hero of your home. Think about all the appliances that rely on it to keep daily life running smoothly. But, you must make sure that your water heater goes through its regular annual maintenance to keep it in working order. Hall Oil Gas and Electric is pleased to offer professional maintenance of high-efficiency oil and gas water heaters for customers on Cape Cod.

Oil and Gas Hot Water Heater Maintenance on Cape Cod, MA

Without an efficient water heater, household activities like dishwashing and showering can cause daily frustration. Sure, it’s easy to get use to a cold shower or skipping the hot cycle on your washing machine, but it’s even easier to get maintenance of your water heating equipment to make it last longer before breaking down.

Here at Hall Oil, we offer maintenance for a variety of oil-fired and gas-fired water heaters from the best manufacturers on the market. Our team of highly-trained water heater technicians are available to perform maintenance on your new system quickly and professionally.


Water Heater Maintenance on Cape Cod, MA

Brands We Maintain

Conventional Storage Water Heater Maintenance

This unit holds a supply of hot water and operates by releasing it from the top of the tank when hot water is called for. According to ENERGY STAR®, new conventional storage water heaters are about 8% more efficient than older models. Is yours broken and in need of its annual maintenance? Hall Oil can help!

Indirect Water Heater Maintenance

Uses the heat from your boiler or furnace to simultaneously heat your water. At the time hot water or heat is called for, the demand is taken from the indirect water tank instead of the heating system. This requires the furnace or boiler to turn off and on less often, which can seriously save energy. Need an annual tune-up for your indirect water heater? Hall Oil provides maintenance services across Cape Cod for those too!

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

This system requires no storage tank. Instead, cold water simply travels through a pipe to reach the heating element, delivering instant hot water always available when you need it. ENERGY STAR reports tankless water heaters can be 8% to 34% more efficient than a storage tank water heater. What’s the best way to keep your tankless water heater working efficiently? Hire Hall Oil for your tankless water heater annual maintenance.


Have questions about the water heating products offered by Hall Oil? Submit an inquiry online or call our office at (508) 398-3831 to learn more about water heater maintenance solutions.