Why You Need to Sign Up for Heating Service Plan

If you live in Massachusetts, you need to keep your heating system in good working condition in order to protect you and your family from our harsh winters. That heating system is an investment. You don’t want it to break down and then be on the hook for a huge bill when it comes time to install a new heating system. Don’t neglect it. Instead, protect it with a heating service plan from a reputable Cape Cod HVAC company like Hall Oil Gas And Electric. In this blog post, we will explain why it is so beneficial to sign up for home heating service plans:

Top 4 Reasons to Sign Up for a Heating Service Plan

Preventative Maintenance

Heating service plans will cover an annual tune-up of your heating system. An annual tune-up from an HVAC company like Hall Oil Gas And Electric will help keep your heating system operating as efficiently as possible. An annual tune-up can extend the lifespan of your equipment. After all, many heating problems can be prevented with regular heating maintenance. Nobody wants to pay for the large expense of replacing a heating system. Regular maintenance will help you ensure that your furnace or boiler lasts a lot longer than advertised.

Annual heating tune-ups can catch minor issues before they arise into much bigger problems. It can even improve indoor air quality by reducing the amount of soot and sediment in your furnace or boiler.

Preventative maintenance of your heating system will also lower the odds that you have a huge problem in the winter. The last thing you want is to lose heat in the middle of winter when the temperatures have dropped significantly. That would be a potentially dangerous situation for you and your family. An annual tune-up, included in your heating service plan, will ensure that you deal with any issues before the height of winter arrives.  

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Professional HVAC Support

Want professional HVAC support available to you if you run into a problem with your heating system? Hall Oil service technicians are highly trained and experienced with all types of heating services. They are prepared to offer recommendations for repairs and installing new equipment. Once they make recommendations, they will either install your new system or make repairs to your complete satisfaction. Whether it is working with boilers, furnaces, water heaters, ductless mini-splits, gas logs, gas fireplaces, grills, heaters, generators, or oil tanks, we’ve got the experience to serve you.

Financial Protection – Valuable Parts Coverage

When you sign up for a Hall Oil heating service plan, you can skip the stress of sky-high bills. Most common parts are completely covered. So, if you have a heating system issue, our valuable parts coverage in our heating service plans will save you a lot of money down the road.

Peace of Mind

When your heating system is running properly, you can truly rest easy. Enjoy uninterrupted comfort, and in the event of a breakdown, you know exactly who to call. Plus, there’s no need to set a reminder for service. You won’t need to worry or ask yourself, “When was the last time I had my furnace serviced?” Or, “When was the last time I changed my air filter?” With a heating service plan, we will communicate with you to set up annual service. In addition, when you work with one HVAC company, we can maintain a history of your heating equipment. This can be difficult if you go from one HVAC company one year to another the next.

Hall Oil: Cape Cod’s #1 Heating Service Plan Provider

Hall Oil Gas and Electric offers a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan for oil burners for homes throughout Cape Cod. Our dependable service department is backed by many years of training and experience. Our technicians are licensed and insured for any problem could arise. We are prepared to help customers of home heating oil service contracts promptly with efficient and friendly service.

Hall Oil provides quality workmanship and professional installations and repair services for heating equipment. In addition, we also provide delivery of premium home heating oil, convert heating systems from propane to natural gas, and provide emergency service.

We are proud to have provided dependable energy products and HVAC protection plans since 1918. Our family business has been in operation for over 100 years on Cape Cod. And, we are looking forward to the next 100 years. Hall Oil strives to take care of our neighbors’ homes and families. We service all over Cape Cod and we hope to earn your trust and gain you as our next customer. To learn more about our heating service plans, contact us online, visit us at our South Dennis office location, or call us at 508-398-3831.