Top Reasons to Choose Generac for Your Home Standby Generator System

Thinking about investing in a standby generator for your home? When you’re considering systems that you need to work without any question of reliability or ease of use in an emergency, it’s a good idea to think carefully about who you’re buying from and what they have to offer. The last thing you want is a generator you can’t rely on to work when you need it most—or one that you’ll struggle to get up and running effectively under pressure. Fortunately, Generac brand generators are built to high standards of reliability and function. Today, we’ll look at just a few reasons you should be buying a Generac standby generator for your home if you’re tired of uncertainty when the power goes out. Keep reading this blog post from Hall Oil Gas and Electric to learn more!

Why You Should Consider Generac When Buying a Generator System on the Cape

Automatically Engaged Backup Power

Generac standby generators are built to operate instantly the moment your electricity goes out, transferring the load safely from your usual power source. Once you have power available from your standard source again, a Generac generator will just as easily return the load to said source. You don’t need to lift a finger for any of this to happen—no fighting in the dark to get a portable generator started up, no risk of accidents or damage to your electrical system.

No Need to Refuel

A Generac standby generator offers power sourced directly from a natural gas line or refillable gas tank, meaning it doesn’t need to be constantly refueled with gasoline or small tanks. With a natural gas line, you’ll have power indefinitely so long as gas is still being provided; with a decently sized natural gas tank, you’ll have power for as long as a week.

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Superior Build Quality

Generac builds its generators to the highest standards of reliability and performance, meeting all appropriate codes and more. A Generac model generator won’t stress your electrical system or cause damage to the grid through poor handling of electricity, nor will it expose you, your family, or your property to unnecessary risk. After all, there’s no point to backing up your electrical system with a poor quality system that might fail or cause more damage than an outage.

Mobile Link for Convenience

Generac offers Mobile Link technology that works with its generators to give owners access to the status of their generator from anywhere; even if you’re not at home, you’ll know if your generator needs maintenance or attention. It can even notify you and your authorized dealer that it needs attention, so you can coordinate quick repairs or maintenance and avoid any potential downtime on electricity.

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Focus on Customer Service and Satisfaction

When buying any product, it’s worth considering customer service—just in case. Generac has a reputation for thorough customer service and attention to the fine details that lead to high customer satisfaction. Help is always readily available, whether you need how-to guides, a specific product manual, or direct help from a person. 99% of Generac customers say they would recommend the company to another person.

Variety of Designs and Options

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to standby generators. Generac offers a selection of products intended to cover the use needs of a wider number of customers, so you can usually find what you’re looking for among their product offerings. This includes high-efficiency units and eco-friendly units designed to use more carbon-friendly fuel sources.

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Learn More About Generac Standby Generators from Hall Oil

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