What the New Oil Storage Tank Regulation Means for Property Owners in Orleans

A new regulation in Orleans, which was approved in June 2021, went into effect in September 2021 and affected property owners were given notice of their need to replace their tanks. Now property owners must get in compliance or face massive fines. How can Orleans homeowners come into compliance with the law? What exactly are the consequences of not being compliant? Keep reading this blog post from Hall Oil Gas and Electric to learn why you might need a brand-new oil tank installation to get in compliance with the new law.

What You Need to Know About This Oil Tank Regulation in Orleans, MA

Why Did Orleans Enact This Regulation?

The new regulation was crafted by the health department and the Orleans Fire Department. The desired impact of the new regulation is to prevent oil leaks that can occur with older oil tanks. Tanks rust from the inside as they age, and that rust makes tanks susceptible to leaks. Double-walled tanks are proven to provide a better defense against potential oil leaks, which can seep into the ground and contaminate the Cape’s sole source aquifer. This is an environmental hazard that affects all of Cape Cod. Many other Cape Cod communities have enacted similar regulations.

Who Is Affected by This Regulation?

The regulations requires that any indoor, single-walled fuel tanks installed before July 1992 must be replaced with double-walled tanks. In addition, outdoor, single walled tanks installed before July 2008 similarly need to be replaced. The regulation also applies to property transfers. In those cases, single-walled tanks must be replaced with double-walled ones, regardless of their age. Property owners who met those criteria were notified by letter of their need to replace their tanks; second notices were issued in November 2022.

What are the Consequences of Not Getting in Compliance?

In January, it was announced that fines would be levied against property owners who did not comply with the regulation by January 1st, 2023. The deadline was then extended to March 1st, 2023. The property owner will be fined $250 per day that they are not in compliance.

The town of Orleans argues that the cost of non-compliance fines are nothing compared to the price of an oil tank leak. Leaked oil would trigger an environmental assessment from the state Department of Environmental Protection. Remediation would be lengthy and costly.

How Can Property Owners Become Compliant with their Oil Tanks?

Property owners in Orleans need to upgrade their oil tanks in order to be compliant with this regulation. They can provide a signed contract with an oil tank installer, with an installation date. They can also give a quote or evidence of an assessment to show that they have begun the process of initiating a tank removal. In some cases, property owners may already have replaced their tanks or switched over to natural gas, in which case the property owner simply needs to update their records with the town. These would all qualify as compliance with the new regulation.

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How Can Hall Oil Help Orleans Residents with a New Oil Tank?

With the huge number of properties needing to schedule a new oil tank installation (and removal of their old tank), it is important to find a qualified and licensed oil tank company on Cape Cod that can help you in a timely manner. There will likely be a backlog on fuel tank installation services. Don’t wait too long to schedule an appointment for someone to replace your oil tank.

Luckily for Orleans residents affected by this regulation, Hall Oil Gas and Electric is here to help! Our technicians and service staff maintain all the requirements for any oil tank installation project. We are well-versed in local, state, and national regulations for proper tank sizing, distance regulations, and more. Our team has the experience of offering recommendations for an oil tank that will best fit your property’s unique requirements. This way, you can trust that your oil tank is installed or repaired safely and efficiently. Here at Hall Oil, we understand the importance of compliance and safety, which is why our installation and replacement projects always meet code guidelines.

Other Conversion Options Are Available

If you’d like to explore other options for your home heating needs, there are some great choices out there, including:

Get in touch with the experts at Hall Oil Gas and Electric to guide you through your decision on which way to go.

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Contact Hall Oil for a New Oil Tank Installation in Orleans, MA

Your oil tank is a crucial part of your home heating system. Its installation or replacement should be performed by a licensed professional. If you are looking for the right company for the job, look no further! Hall Oil Gas and Electric is a certified, full-service energy provider that offers expert installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, and annual tune-ups of oil tanks for our customers in our Cape Cod, MA service area. And, if you’d rather learn about other fuel source conversion options available, we can offer you more information about that as well. Visit us at our office in South Dennis, call us at 508-398-3831, or contact us online to learn more!