Why Every Heating Oil Customer on Cape Cod Should Be Considering This One Thing

During the spring and summer, it is often difficult to start thinking about your plan for home heating oil during the fall and winter. The busy Cape Cod summer season is just about in full swing with the temperatures rising. We also don’t need to tell you that energy prices are unpredictable these days. Ongoing global events sent the already high price of crude oil into record territory. You’ve likely felt this in your home energy invoices. But, there is one thing that all heating oil customers should be considering right now to combat this: a heating oil budget plan. Why is this so important? Let the experts at Hall Oil Gas and Electric explain in this blog post about the top reasons people should go for a fuel payment plan this year.

The Details about Heating Oil Payment Plans on the Cape

Before we get into the top benefits of a heating oil payment plan, let’s first explain what a budget plan entails. Heating oil customers that sign up for automatic delivery with Hall Oil Gas and Electric can enroll in a payment plan to make managing heating costs easier than ever. You pay the same monthly payment for your car, cell phone, and other utilities. Why not your heating fuel? Oil budget plan customers make the same payment every month. To calculate this payment, we estimate the gallons of oil you need for the heating season based on previous history. Then, this amount is multiplied by projected market rates and divided into 10 equal installments.

Top Benefits of a Heating Oil Budget Plan for Cape Cod Homeowners:

  • Add Predictability to Your Heating Fuel Bills

A monthly budget plan for your heating oil delivery helps you keep your fuel costs stable, predictable and manageable. You can spread out your fuel oil payments evenly into ten monthly payments. With this option, you no longer have to worry about painful bulk invoices upon delivery. As a result, you will be able to budget for your heating fuel bill, along with other household expenses, much more easily.

  • No More Huge Bills after an Oil Delivery

This one deserves to be re-said. With a heating oil budget plan, you will no longer need to pay a huge bill upon delivery. Instead, the cost of that oil delivery (and your other future deliveries) will be spread out over the year. Paying these bulk oil deliveries in smaller increments over the year will certainly give you a much more predictable bill to manage.

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  • No Additional Costs

When you enroll in a heating fuel payment plan and automatic delivery, there are no additional costs, interest, or finance charges for the additional services. Your heating oil costs are simply spread out over 10 months. So, really, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

  • Soften the Blow of Higher Oil Prices

There are often periods of time where oil prices rise, due to global events, which are out of all of our control. This is another way that monthly oil payment plans shine. With a heating budget plan, it really softens the blow of high oil prices. When you spread out the payments throughout the year, it makes the cost of fuel a little bit more manageable.

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  • Pay Heating Fuel Like You Do Other Bills

Why should you pay for your heating fuel with a large payment that you might not be able to afford at that time? Instead, why not set up your heating fuel bills the same way that other household expenses always are? For example, you pay a monthly price for your car, phone, cable, internet, streaming service, and many other household expenses. Shouldn’t you do the same with your heating oil deliveries? Do yourself a favor and enroll in a heating oil payment plan, so you can avoid those huge oil delivery bills that completely shock you and your wallet. Trust us, you will be very happy that you don’t get an enormous oil bill again this year.

  • Heating Oil Budget Plans Help You Plan Financially

Are you not a great planner of your finances? Do you struggle to make a budget and stick with it? Or, do you find yourself struggling to anticipate when your next heating oil bill will be and how much? If you’re not a great financial planner, you might not save for or anticipate when that next heating oil delivery (and bill) will be coming. Then, when it does, if you haven’t set aside enough funds to pay it, you might find yourself in a hole (or credit card debt). With a heating oil payment plan, this worry goes away. You will now only need to remember your one payment for that month. For someone who isn’t great with their finances, this payment plan will be a life saver.

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Contact Hall Oil About Our Heating Oil Budget Plans for Cape Cod

Do you have any other questions about heating oil budget plans for homes in the Barnstable County, MA area? Or, do you want to enroll in one? Hall Oil Gas and Electric has a few different options for budget plans. We offer a 10-month budget plan with a capped price and a 10-month standard budget plan (without a capped price). We also have some other fuel payment options, such as a pre-buy (with capped price). If you’re not a full-service, automatic delivery customer, there is another option through our sister company, The Oil Peddler. For the budget program for Oil Peddler customers, we pay 4.08% simple interest on your credit balance monthly as a discount. Want to go over all of these options and see which one is best for you? Get in touch with Hall Oil by calling us at 508-398-3831, visit our office in South Dennis, or contact us online for more information.