What You Need to Know About Central Air & Heat Pumps During Summer on Cape Cod

By Ken Foster

Having operated this business for nearly 47 years I have seen a thing or two.  I am Ken Foster, the 4th generation operating this family business which my great grandfather started in 1918. I have had the opportunity to work in the energy business with coal, kerosene, oil, natural gas, propane, electric, and solar. This background has provided me with many insights on how we need to move forward and reduce our carbon emissions while still providing the comfort we desire. In the summer, your comfort comes from HVAC systems, like air conditioning units. I hope the following information in this blog post will be helpful in answering some basic questions about what you need to do to stay comfortable in the summer.

What to Do About A/C in the Beginning of Summer

As summer approaches, and the sun bakes your home, you are sweating, uncomfortable, sticky, and hot, so you turn on the A/C!  Oh no, it doesn’t work. You will ask yourself, “WHAT DO I DO NOW?” Hall Oil Gas and Electric has answers for you! Here are some common questions relating to A/C problems and how Hall Oil can assist you.

Can Hall Oil Gas and Electric Service My Central A/C System?

Yes, we can provide A/C repair if you have a whole house air conditioning (often called central air conditioning or central A/C). These units may be from brands, such as American Standard, Lennox, Trane, Goodman, Rheem, or other popular A/C units installed on Cape Cod, MA. We also offer A/C installations, A/C maintenance, and A/C tune-ups. Call Hall Oil Gas and Electric at 508-398-3831 or contact us online for service and let our trained professionals service your central air system.

I Have a Central Heating System, and I Would Like to Add Air Conditioning. What Should I Do?

You have three options:

  1. Add air conditioning only to your existing central air system.
  2. Add an electric heat pump and get both air conditioning and supplemental heat in the heating season.
  3. Add a heat pump with room cassettes to provide individual control of selected rooms in your house.

Hall Oil Gas and Electric would be pleased to provide you with a free proposal for one of these air conditioning installation options. Please call 508-398-3831 and ask for Justin to learn more.

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I Have Air Conditioning Only with Wall, Ceiling, or Floor Cassettes. What are My Options?

Earlier systems often were air conditioning only and had cassettes (wall, ceiling, or floor) in one or more rooms. These systems usually had one condenser (outside unit) for every cassette (inside unit).  These systems can be serviced by Hall Oil Gas and Electric. Just call 508-398-3831 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

My System Provides Both Heat and Air Conditioning with Cassettes. Can these be Serviced?

These systems are called heat pumps. These units are manufactured under the names of Mitsubishi, Sanyu, Samsung, Daikin, and other popular brands installed on Cape Cod.

The beauty of these systems is one outside heat pump can run multiple cassettes inside.  Each room can have an individual remote, wall thermostat, and or remote app.

These HVAC systems can be serviced or installed by Hall Oil Gas and Electric. Just call 508-398-3831 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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Am I Eligible for a Rebate from Mass Save for a New Air Conditioning System?

If you are installing a brand new A/C system, there are rebates available to you. Mass Save Rebates (For Cape Cod “Cape Light Compact”) have been available for many years. We have seen that every year there are changes to the qualified equipment and individual requirements to be eligible.

We recommend calling Cape Light Compact at 800-797-6699 to begin the application. It is very important that all the “i’s” are dotted, and the “t’s” crossed. Hall Oil Gas and Electric will prepare your rebate at the conclusion of the installation.

How Can I Be Sure to be Comfortable During the Summer on Cape Cod?

Hall Oil Gas and Electric recommends servicing and cleaning your heat pump and cassettes yearly as well as your central HVAC system whether it be oil, gas or electric.  These are not inexpensive systems and routine maintenance is essential to be sure you’re ready for the season whether it be winter or summer.

These systems can be serviced by Hall Oil Gas and Electric.  Just call 508-398-3831 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.