Top Signs You Might Need Water Heater Replacement

Is it time to think about replacing your water heater? While it’s easy to overlook appliances like HVAC systems or water heaters, they do have expected service lives—and as you push them past their limits, your comfort, annual energy and repair costs, and ability to rely on the system will suffer. Today, we’ll look at the big warning signs that it’s time to replace your water heater with a newer unit instead of repairing it. Continue reading this blog post from Hall Oil Gas and Electric to learn more about these top signs it might be take to upgrade your water heating equipment.

Top 5 Reasons for Water Heater Replacement on Cape Cod

1) Frequent Repairs

If your water heater starts to require repairs as a regular occurrence, it’s time to replace it and save yourself some stress and expense. This kind of cascade of repairs is the finish line for any major appliance—after all, it’s rare for a water heater to reach a point that it can’t be repaired. The question is whether repairing it will buy you a respectable amount of time until the next repair. When the answer is no, because everything is old and worn and approaching failure, it’s time to upgrade.

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2) Reduced Energy Efficiency

Over time, it’s inevitable that a water heater is going to lose efficiency to wear-and-tear. Routine maintenance and repairs as needed slows this process, but eventually every component of the whole is dragging just a little bit at the bottom line—and that’s to say nothing of relatively low efficiency on a technological level when comparing a water heater from a decade past to a cutting-edge high-efficiency model.

3) Unreliable Performance

If you can never quite be certain what to expect from your water heater on a given day, it’s probably time to find one that’s a little more predictable. While this can track to a single root cause that can be repaired on a healthy system, when the issue starts to become a combination of factors then the only real solution is a complete replacement.

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4) Corrosion Inside or Out

Once a water heater starts to show visible corrosion on its exterior or corrosive contamination in your hot water supply, there’s not much to be done but replace it. It’s a process that will accelerate once it’s started, and in the meantime you’ll be risking leaks, contamination, and other problems. Of course, there are exceptions where this might not be a killer issue—but it always deserves a look from a professional.

5) It’s Old

Once a water heater crosses the 10 year marker, it’s going to start showing its age. That’s inevitable, even if you’re keeping up with maintenance. Most water heaters will need to be replaced by 15 years out, though if you end up needing major repairs before then you should go ahead with an upgrade instead. The exception are tankless water heaters, which with good care and a high quality system can last 20 years or more with a bit of luck.

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Upgrade to Your Next Water Heater with Hall Oil

When the time comes to upgrade to a new water heater, make sure you’re getting the right unit for your home, matched to your hot water usage, energy efficiency goals, preferred fuel source, and budget. It also needs to be installed carefully by trained professionals—a lot of frustrations and repair bills later in a unit’s life start with poor installations!

If you’re on Cape Cod, you can reach out to the team at Hall Oil Gas and Electric for the expert service necessary to repair your water heater or match your home with a suitable new unit. Reach out to our team at 508-398-3831 or contact us online to learn more!