Is Now the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil?

The days are still warm here on Cape Cod, so should you be concerning yourself with procuring your cool season’s supply of heating oil? At Hall Oil Gas and Electric, our teams are committed to helping clients get a reliable supply of oil at consistent, competitive prices. But, you might not know that ordering heating oil in the summer is the best idea to save a few bucks. This is especially the case this year, with exceptionally low heating oil prices compared to years past. Continue reading our blog post as we lay out the best time to purchase heating oil for your home!

Why Purchasing Heating Oil Now is a Great Idea

For many homeowners and heating oil customers, the best time to order oil tends to be simply “when it’s needed.” However, purchasing heating oil or setting up an automatic oil delivery schedule when the cold season kicks in, rather than taking advantage of ordering now, actually will see you missing out on some major advantages, both in convenience and cost. Here are just four of the big reasons why choosing to have heating oil delivered sooner, rather than later, is the best choice:

  • Heating Oil Costs Are Lower Than Ever

The spring and summer months nearly always see a pretty substantial dip in heating oil costs. But now, more than ever, demand is incredibly low. Oil prices are lower than they’ve been for years, and while that trend will stay steady for the remainder of the warm season, it won’t stay that way for long once we see that first frost. By purchasing oil today, you lock in some of the best value for your money you’re likely to see for years to come.

  • A Full Tank Now Means Risk Prevention for the Future

Maintaining a topped-off oil tank is hands down one of the best things you can do for the long-term health of your oil tank. If the tank is low, or even a quarter depleted, you’re leaving space for condensation and mold growth. When the fall comes around and you find yourself in need of some home heating, you might have trouble getting things working if your tank has been empty since last year—you might even get stuck needing an untimely oil tank replacement.

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  • The Cold Season Will See an Increase in Heating Oil Prices

It always does. The cost of heating oil is directly linked to the demand for it, even more so than other commercial products. While we’re seeing historic lows now, that will only continue while surplus stock holds out. That won’t last for long once the temperatures start dipping below 60. Make sure you take advantage of the low oil prices and schedule your oil delivery now.

  • Stay Ahead of the Heating Oil Delivery Order Rush

Every single year, heating oil delivery companies go from bust to incredibly busy within the span of just a week or two when the temperature drops. We all do our best, but scheduling gets very tight, which may cause you inconvenience at a time when you don’t need it. Or, even worse, a heating emergency. Instead of stressing over whether you can get oil on time, just fill up now! Off-season tank filling is fantastic, because our oil delivery teams have the ability to totally conform to your time-frame and needs.

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Secure Dependable Heating Oil with Hall Oil Gas and Electric on Cape Cod, MA

After over 100 years of faithful service to homeowners on Cape Cod and in the South Dennis, MA area, the professional heating oil delivery teams at Hall Oil can proudly say that our focus has always been on how to best serve our customers and neighbors. We want to offer you quality product, quality service, and a dependable and cost-efficient source for heating oil and other HVAC services.

Want to receive your heating oil deliveries at the most convenient times? Our automatic oil deliveries use degree day monitoring to ensure that you never get close to running out. With this full service oil delivery service, you will never need to call another order in. Just sit back, relax, and wait for your oil to be delivered. We also offer heating oil payment plans to make your life a little easier.

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