Top Options for Gas Fireplace Heating Products on Cape Cod

Trying to figure out which gas fireplace heating solution you’d like to have for your Cape Cod, MA home? It can be difficult to identify the smartest fit for your needs and wants if you don’t already have one installed or haven’t used one before—and even if you have, maybe you’d like to learn more about alternatives which might suit you better!

Today, we’ll look at the top gas fireplace heating products in common use today in Barnstable County: gas fireplaces, gas logs, and decorative gas stoves. Continue reading Hall Oil Gas and Electric’s blog post to learn more:

Top Gas Heating Products on Cape Cod, MA:

Gas fireplaces

The full installation of a gas fireplace is much easier than having a traditional wood-burning fireplace installed. Vented fireplaces typically use an existing chimney or vents in your home in order to provide you with a functional, heat generating fireplace. This is the most popular option for homeowners that want additional home heating but would prefer to not have to maintain a stock of wood fuel.

A gas fireplace requires more investment to install than simply throwing a log into an existing structure, but you can get far more customization and choice over your aesthetic, heat generation, and other factors by choosing a full gas fireplace. In addition, gas fireplaces can be installed nearly anywhere depending on your needs. You can also get truly unique looks, replacing logs with tempered glass, ceramic stones, and fake coals.

Vented gas logs

Gas logs are a stack of ceramic logs that sit inside your existing fireplace. They have a gas burner and they come in vent-free and vented options. Vented gas logs are designed to be used in a real fireplace capable of safely burning wood logs and venting gas through a chimney. More convenient than wood, relatively inexpensive and more realistic than alternative gas fireplace solutions, vented logs are a top choice when your goal is to turn an empty fireplace into a realistic source of ambience without the headache of keeping real wood.

Of course, vented gas logs are great, but they have their drawbacks. Because you need to maintain an open flue as you would with real logs in your fireplace, you’re necessarily going to be wasting some of the heat. This makes the vented gas logs’ true advantage being its aesthetics.

Ventless gas logs

Ventless gas logs can also install into a fireplace, but the fireplace doesn’t need to have a functional chimney because you aren’t venting large amounts of smoke into the air; you can open a flue to vent air if you want the aesthetic without the heat, but it’s optional, not mandatory. You can also install a ventless gas log system in other areas of your home, including the interior – this is because you don’t need to vent anything through the exterior of the home.

As mentioned above with their vented counterpart, gas logs are typically more for aesthetics than for generating warmth. However, ventless gas logs do provide more heat than a vented gas log, because none needs to be wasted up a chimney. But, the nature of these logs is that they look far more artificial than their vented equivalents.

Decorative gas stoves

There’s a lot to recommend decorative gas stoves, if you like the aesthetic as compared to the appearance of a traditional fireplace (or one of the variants possible with a gas fireplace). It’s hard to argue with the benefits of a decorative gas stove. Relative to real wood-burning stoves or the other wood-emulating systems we’ve discussed, decorative gas stoves offer unique looks, clean-burning and efficient use, exceptional warmth, low maintenance, and high levels of safety.

If you don’t need to see the crackle of fire on logs, then strongly consider the timeless aesthetic of decorative gas heating stoves.

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