Why You Need to Install A/C in Your Cape Cod Vacation Rental

Do you have vacation rental properties in the Cape Cod, MA area without air conditioning of any kind installed? Many Cape Cod residential homeowners consider an A/C system an unnecessary luxury in the area, as so many are accustomed to living without in their own homes. They don’t see why guests staying in the area might lament the lack of an air conditioning unit. After all, the high temperature in the hottest month of the year barely makes it into the high seventies on average. But, did you know that demand for air conditioning amongst vacation renters is very high? There are countless reasons to upgrade your vacation rentals on Cape Cod with air conditioning in some form. Continue reading this blog post from Hall Oil Gas and Electric to learn why you should consider adding an A/C system to your Cape vacation rental this year.

Top Reasons to Upgrade Cape Cod Vacation Rentals with an A/C System

  • The Days of the A/C-Less Cape Cod Bungalow Are Over

Anyone accustomed to needing an air conditioner will end up with more stringent expectations about how much control they should have over their indoor climate—meaning even guests from hotter areas won’t sit comfortably if the bedroom of their rental hits 80 due to a combination of the temperature outside, people, and electronics! All the more so as systems grow increasingly efficient and effective, making it less costly to maintain a highly specific ideal temperature no matter how hot the weather is outside.

People from colder climates might also find the relatively low highs of Cape Cod unsufferable. You don’t want guests to come for vacation and find your property miserably uncomfortable at a mere 75 degrees—not when they’ve paid a likely substantial amount per night for their stay. They might visit once, but not again.

  • Vacation Renters Are Less Likely to Book Homes Without Air Conditioning

Perhaps more important than the true needs of guests to be comfortable in your rental properties is their expectations of their needs. Even if a hypothetical guest would be comfortable in the temperatures common in your property, they might anticipate the need for an air conditioner. And if they anticipate they’ll need an air conditioner, they’re going to make sure they select a property equipped with one. A property without an A/C will often be dismissed as lower-quality despite the truth of the matter.

  • New Air Conditioning Installs Improve Home Value

Of course, meeting the expectations of finicky guests isn’t the whole reason to invest in A/C in the Cape Cod area. Like most climate control upgrades, adding air conditioning to your property can substantially improve its value; even in Cape Cod, adding an A/C has a great ROI as a property improvement.

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  • Don’t Forget About the Humidity on Cape Cod

Even if temperatures don’t get very high, you shouldn’t forget about the humidity on Cape Cod. Even a temperature of 70 degrees can feel uncomfortable with a high humidity. This is just another reason for your rental home or cottage to be upgrade with an air conditioning system.

  • Ductless Mini-Split A/C Systems Are a Great Option for Cape Cod Homes

Many of those upgrading vacation rental properties on Cape Cod are looking into the potential of ductless mini-split installations. A ductless system offers a number of benefits in the Cape Cod climate worth considering. Ductless A/C systems utilize heat pumps, which can be used for incredibly efficient (and gentle) heat when the temperature goes lower, but not too low—something you and your guests can benefit from year-round. They also allow you to control temperatures on a room-by-room basis, something which might be important if you rent your property out piecemeal or as a value prop for guests.

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  • Central A/C Can Be Added to Existing Central Heating Systems

Of course, adding a central air conditioner to an existing central heat system can be a quick, easy install, if you prefer that approach. But regardless of how you intend to add cooling to your Cape Cod vacation rental property, it should be done—lest vacationers pass you by in the years to come.

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