Why You Need an A/C Tune-Up Every Season

Should you get an A/C tune-up every year? When the warm season comes around each year and temperatures start to rise, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your annual air conditioning tune-up. A/C tune-ups are often overlooked by homeowners until something goes wrong with their AC and they find out they were supposed to be getting regular maintenance. And, if something hasn’t gone wrong with you’re A/C system yet, you may indeed be wondering why you should bother. Today, we’ll cover a few of the significant reasons you need to have an air conditioning professional come by to tune-up and clean your A/C system. We’ll also cover when to get it done, as timing does matter! Continue reading this blog post from Hall Oil Gas and Electric to learn more about why you need to schedule an A/C maintenance appointment this year.

What are the Benefits of Annual Tune-ups for Your A/C on Cape Cod?

So, why do you need an annual air conditioning system tune-up every year for your Cape Cod, MA home? Here are a few reasons why you will want to take your A/C maintenance schedule seriously.

  • A/C Tune-Ups Increase System Efficiency

Over the course of a year of operation, your air conditioner naturally degrades—just a little bit, most years, but enough to be significant. Annual A/C tune-ups or maintenance visits from a professional means reversing entropy a little and getting your air conditioning system closer to its peak condition before the next year comes around.

In practical terms, this means that a well-maintained air conditioning system will be:

  • More reliable and less likely to break down under heavy use
  • Cheaper to keep operational, as minor repairs of small problems caught early cost less than major repair or a full replacement down the line
  • Longer-lasting, because operating in poor condition strains all other components of your air conditioner, which in turn means you’ll need a full replacement or non-stop repairs in the future.
  • More energy efficient, because dirty filters, poor lubrication, and bad electrical connections waste energy to achieve the same results
  • Better at keeping your comfortable, because those same problem that waste energy lower performance

As you can see, there’s a lot to gain—and most of it comes down to financial benefits you’ll see rather quickly. Maintenance may not pay for itself in energy savings alone—though it might, depending—but factoring in repairs, replacement, and quality of life over time it’s a very beneficial investment.

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  • A/C Maintenance Helps You Get Ready for the Summer

This sounds logical, but if you haven’t used your air conditioning system since the previous summer, it could use some help in getting ready to go. Just like a vehicle you haven’t driven in some time, it will require some love before you have to run it at full throttle for the summer. An A/C maintenance appointment will get your home ready to face that sweltering heat on the Cape.

  • A New Air Conditioning System is Much More Expensive Than a Tune-Up

Having your air conditioning system checked every year is one of the best things you can do to protect your system and prolong its life. This is obviously important because a new air conditioning system is much more expensive than the cost of a tune-up. In our experience, a majority of A/C breakdowns could have been prevented if they had just been tuned up every year.

Without regular maintenance, a small problem will not be detected, and that could quickly (or gradually) grow into a huge one that will cost hundreds of dollars on repairs. So, avoid costly A/C repairs by getting your annual maintenance.

  • Scheduling Your AC Tune-Up Will Be Easier in the Spring

A lot of Cape Cod residents make the mistake of getting their air conditioning maintenance in the summer. To avoid this, you should get a head-start and contact an A/C contractor this spring. A local air conditioning company will be able to be more accommodating to your schedule before it gets too busy in the summer.

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When Should I Schedule A/C Maintenance Each Year on the Cape?

If your air conditioner hasn’t had maintenance in a long time—or ever—then you’ll want to get it done as soon as possible. But once you’re on a good schedule, the optimal time for tune-ups will be in the spring, just before temperatures really start rising.

That’s because you want your air conditioner as well-tuned and maintained as possible before you start needing it; you’ll get the most out of the improved efficiency and reliability during the hottest months of the year.

Why, then, in spring instead of summer when things get really hot? Intense hot days can hit earlier than you might expect each year, putting your system under strain and potentially worsening hidden issues. It’s also easier to schedule a visit at the most convenient time for yourself in the spring before it gets so hot that everyone else needs HVAC technicians to deal with broken systems or do maintenance.

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Learn More or Schedule a Visit from Hall Oil for Your A/C Tune-Up

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